• Monique G.
    • July 30, 2018

    I am highly disappointed at the experience that I’ve had with the membership staff at the Kernersville location. This has not been a one or even two time incident. I have had several negative experiences with membership staff that have left my family and I feeling unwelcomed and unwanted.

    My kids and I truly enjoy the water park and playground, however to get to those facilities, we have to endure the membership staff and it has been absolutely frustrating on every single visit. The staff members are rude, snappy, condescending and impatient, this is over the phone and in person.

    There is a visible agitation from the staff members that I’ve observed when checking into the Kernersville location and the guest waiver process has been an absolute nightmare each time we’ve brought a guest, the staff members have been rude, impatient and condescending through the process. They become flustered and have snappy and rude comments towards my family and guests.

    Staff members don’t speak to my family when we walk past them, when we enter the building or exit. This has been my experience 90 % of the time. I also get a heavy sense of racism in the air when interacting with staff members. This is super disheartening to my soul.

    Additionally, my teenage guest was falsely excused of using foul language and reprimanded for it for an extremely rude, condescending and snarky manner. When I came to my guest’s defense in a polite manner, the YMCA team member proceeded to get into a back and forth with me in a rude manner. Who does that? Staff members should never get in a back and forth with a member who is paying good money for services. This is totally unacceptable. I also found out that this same staff member starting talking about me out in the open when I left to report her behavior.

    As stated my family and I have truly enjoyed the water park facilities and would love to continue to visit to enjoy the out water facilities, however I am extremely uncomfortable when interacting with staff members because of the rude manner that we’ve been treated. I’ve contacted management about my experiences and I truly hope that this problem is fixed because their slogan for serving all people seems to be false. The unfair and rude treatment that my family has endured seems to be baked into the environment and I pray that it can be turned around quickly.

    UPDATE: Management contacted me regarding my concerns and they were apologetic which I truly appreciated. I was ensured that my concerns would be addressed with the staff as a whole. This is good news, however I am still apprehensive to go back for a visit since the staff have been consistently rude each time. Hopefully, they will change for the better.

    • Steven Jones
    • October 21, 2018

    Great place to meet and workout we join 2 week ago
    And love it the staff is very helpful building is clean

    • Joan Hicks
    • December 12, 2018

    I LOVE this Y! I am greeted warmly every time I enter and leave. All the instructors of classes I take (mostly Body Pump, Body Flow and Joy Riders) are excellent and very friendly as well.

    • John Smith
    • January 10, 2019

    Staff is more worried about you leaving “on time” than appreciating that you are a member with them. Most of the evening crew is rude and inconsiderate. Without warning several times they have turned out the lights even before closing time, making it difficult to find the exit door! Once was in the bathroom in the stall. Staff will turn the TVs off while you are watching it without warning and will announce over the PA they are closing and in essence “Don’t make them late”. Find another place to take your family. YMCA stands for Y Must Close ASAP.

    • Ma F
    • March 17, 2019

    I usually go one in a week Saturday afternoon, I use the weight machines, the place is clean and the personal is great. My only concern is a bunch of teens hanging around the weight room with Cell phones. Today one of them was texting and pushing 60Lbs at the same time, one of the 25lbs dropped from bench and missed my foot for a inches.

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